I've always been captivated by what nature does for my soul.   And it increased greatly  when I transplanted to Utah in 1979.  My subjects are varied.  From bears to buffalo; birds to rodeo; desert landscapes to high alpine forests; from moose to wild horses... and coyotes on the prowl.  I feel akin to it all.  

My photo work takes me from Montana to southern New Mexico. All wildlife photographed is just that... WILD. There are no staged or caged or 'paid for' photo opportunities. Lighting is of the utmost importance... patience is a must. I use NO artificial flash or lighting. Part of the artistic aspect of my work is to use my cameras in 'Manual' mode only.  No 'Automatic' settings, as they take away much of the creative aspect.  This requires monitoring the light and manually adjusting both shutter and aperture with almost every shutter click.

Please, share in my passion. The goal of my Desert Horse website is that you'll begin to see things around you in a more artistic fashion; that you might take more time in your daily lives to notice the beauty of a sunrise; that you might realize, as I do, that something as frail and small as a bird is truly a wonder of this world. That you might also realize the importance of preserving the habitats that provide protection and sustenance for all of our planets creatures.

This website isn't just about my work, or me.  Each of you play a role in it as well.  It's here for you to enjoy and hopefully appreciate. My hope is that you will begin to understand that there's so much more to life than going to and from work each day.  Please do try and make a conscious effort to notice the beauty that exists just outside the blinders we tend to wear during our hectic lives.

My name is Gary Grubb.  I was born and raised in the rolling hills and farmland of eastern Pennsylvania.  In 1979 I began calling the incredibly beautiful state of Utah my home.  My work has been showcased by an NBC-TV affiliate station; highlighted in several art columns; and displayed in numerous solo exhibits including the prestigious Kimball Art Center in Park City, Utah... home of the 2002 Winter Olympics and home of the U.S. Ski Team.

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